Front view FAMIX BMS

Process Analyser and Operating Data Processing

  • Process Analysers with the experience of plant engineering.
  • Brix measurement with Laserrefractometer, CO2- and Conductivity measurement with up-to-date technology, easy to integrate in any beverage plant.
  • PLC processing unit available either as part of the plant control or stand-alone unit.

FAMIX BMS – for each application the perfect solution

FAMIX BMS Process Analysers

Quality control gets more and more influence in the production of beverages. Therefore we supply systems to collect and process quality data inline.
The stand-alone analyser unit with control included can be installed at any production plant. Alternatively only the measuring units can be installed and the control is integrated in an existing mixer control.
In any case all data can be transferred to a central data server. The control allows the following functions:

  • Numeric and graphic display of all data
  • Calibration of the measuring values Limit control
  • Values out of given limits will exceed an alarm contact
  • Documentation of data using storage media or data transfer

The following measuring units can be connected:

Brix analyser
Brix analysing is realized by means of a high accuracy Laserrefractometer, which determines the concentration of the sugar using the refraction index and the product temperature. Beverages with and without CO2, fruit juices, and syrups can be measured. The measuring accuracy is +/ 0.01°Brix.

Diet monitoring
With a special calibration the refractometer can also be used to measure the concentration of sugar free diet products. The reading can be displayed either in mBrix or %. The accuracy is +/- 0.15 %.

Conductivity measurement
By means of a probe the electric conductivity of the beverage is measured. As this is a good measure for the quality of the product, controlling the conductivity means monitoring the product.

The measurement is based on the CO2 determination by pressure and temperature. The pressure is read in the chamber of a probe with a CO2 permeable diaphragm. The pressure is proportional to the CO2 contents. The accuracy is +/- 0.03 vol or 0.05 g/l CO2.
As an alternative a calculation of the theoretical CO2 gas volume from carbonation pressure of the mixer and product temperature is available.

Further facilities we supply on enquiry, optional inputs for analogue and serial signals are available.

The BMS plants are generally designed for CIP and disinfection with cor- respondent cleaning programmes.

Brix- and CO2 measurement

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