Front and rear view Famix CW3

FAMIX CW-3 - cost effective cabinet type stainless steel washers for the cleaning of Premix and Postmix tanks.
2 or 3 tanks are washed at a time. The machines are loaded from the front through the door opening.
The tanks are placed in the centering pieces and are pushed down by a pusher to open the valves automatically.
For the cleaning runs a fully automatic washing programme. First the tanks are rinsed with water from the mains supply. Then they are rinsed with hot caustic solution which is pumped in a circuit. Finally follows a fresh water rinse from the mains.
The rinsing times are adjusted to a total of 3 min and can be modified for tanks which are more dirty. So the maximum capacity is up to 60 tanks per hour.
Nozzle pipes, lid holding plate and external rinses are designed as the ones in bigger machines so that an intensive cleaning of the tanks und lids is ensured.

Detail view Famix CW3

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