Front view FAMIX Deaerator

FAMIX Deaerator
Water deaeration plant for highest demands

  • Individual plant design depending on application and desired residual oxygen content.
  • State-of-the-art control technology for highest accuracy with simple operation.
  • Easy, automated cleaning processes due to Hygienic Design.
  • Individual design with optimum performance and quality for highest demands.

FAMIX Deaerator – for each application the perfect solution

Method of operation FAMIX Deaerator

FAMIX Deaerator Unit

Vacuum deaeration
The treated beverage makeup water is sprayed into the vacuum vessel by means of a nozzle. This allows the gases dissolved in the water such as air and oxygen to be drawn off by means of an air cooled vacuum pump.
A circulation pump at the vacuum tank recirculates the total water quantity so that the water is atomized once more through a second spray nozzle.
The deaerated water is pumped to a buffer tank or directly to a mixing plant using a centrifugal pump.
Depending on the incoming oxygen content and the water temperature and pressure the residual oxygen content after deaeration is 0.5 –1 mg/l. The water contains no other gases so that it can also be used for non-carbonated products like fruit juices.
To achieve even lower results as required e.g. for brewing water quality, the vacuum deaeration has to be combined with a pressure deaeration.

Pressure deaeration
In a liquid where two gases are in solution the gas with the higher partial pressure will displace the other one.
Therefore a small amount of CO2 is added to the water through an injector after the vacuum deaeration. This slightly carbonated water is pumped into a second vacuum tank where the residual oxygen is displaced by the CO2 because of its higher partial pressure.
A centrifugal pump feeds the water to further usage and recirculates a part of the flow so that it is also deaerated a second time.
With this process residual oxygen content of ≤ 0.05 mg/l is reached.
The plants will be individually designed depending on the desired residual oxygen content and the process the deaerated water will be used for.
The Deaerator plants are generally designed for CIP and disinfection with correspondent cleaning programmes.

Available options

  • Fully automatic control systems for production and CIP (standard for higher capacities)

Rear view FAMIX Deaerator

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