Front view FAMIX Turbo S

Microprocessor controlled batch mixing systems, made to measure for your syrup room.
Whether you require a simple syrup blending plant or a fully automatic system for the continuous production of finished beverage and syrup FAMIX always has the optimum solution.

The construction of these volumetric batch blending plants are in principle always similar, however as the capacity of the plants increases so does the degree of automation and operator comfort.

Method of operation FAMIX Turbo S
Method of operation FAMIX Turbo S

For an accurate volumetric measurement the following components are required:
A feed pump, a volumetric flowmeter with impulsing device, a pneumatically controlled two stage valve and a pre-determined counter.
For measuring, the subtracting predetermined counter is set to the required volume. The volumetric flowmeter measures the volume flow continuously and gives impulses to the predetermined counter. The subtracting value from the preset volume allows the two stage valve to partially close within a few litres of the final required volume and shut off when the total volume is attained. The feed pump switches off at this stage.
The use of a two stage valve greatly improves the accuracy of the measurement as the reduced distance for the valve to close from the second stage minimises any over-run effect of the flow. 

With our FAMIX TURBO S plant the preselected quantity is integrated in the microprocessor control together with the complete sequence of the batch control. The extent of the control is dependent on the complexity of the total system. The spectrum varies from the simple metering system which meters various ingredients one after the other into buffer tanks and more complex systems, for fully automatic syrup room control which allows simultaneous metering of several ingredients, monitoring state and condition of various pumps, valves etc. and a fully automatic analysis of syrup or finished product.
In all cases the recipes are stored in the system memory so that for production only the variety of beverage and the number of batches need to be fed in.
The control system also allows continuous blending by means of pairs of tanks whereby the tanks are fed alternately. These systems are also available for finished product production with carbonation being carried out after blending.
The many possibilities of the FAMIX TURBO S system can only be briefly described here.
We therefore invite you to contact us with your specific requirements and we will be pleased to forward to you your individual solution.

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